Welcome to our E-Course on Conscious Parenting

Dr. Plasner has made available an e-course he had  developed a number of years ago entitled 

Conscious Parenting: A Values-Centered Approach

Within his course, Dr. Plasner has been able to nicely blend key elements of the Adlerian/Dreikurs and Systematic Training for Effective Parenting models of democratic parenting with his own clinical expertise, parenting experiential knowledge, and his spiritual and personal growth over the years.

In the beginning of the e-course, Dr. Plasner devotes attention to understanding how a child’s misbehavior results from discouraging beliefs about his place within the family structure.  Throughout the course, Dr. Plasner emphasizes hope, love, awareness, humanism and healthy problem solving as he integrates democratic modes of parenting, his clinical expertise and spiritualism.  The Conscious parent is one who is able to make a commitment toward self-awareness and self-growth while accepting 100% of the responsibility for his/her own ability to change beliefs and unproductive modes of interaction.  In so doing, he/she is able to learn and utilize encouragement, exploring alternatives, role-modeling, and effective communication skills.   Conscious parenting fully embraces the Adlerian/Dreikurs framework as it strives to teach values, encourage self-esteem, open the door to spiritual development and equip our children with the inner resources necessary to engage life’s problems.  Chapters are devoted to special circumstances/ needs, the value of spiritual/religious beliefs,  the difficult to manage child,  the preschool and teenage years, and issues surrounding “loss” and depression.

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Conscious Parenting: A Values-Centered Approach